The Best Content Idea Generator When You Run Out of Ideas

Enter in a broad keyword (e.g. "protein powder", "backlinks") to find up to hundreds of questions that your readers are asking.

Questions in database: 48M+

How QuestionDB Works

Millions (Billions?) of questions have been asked on various websites over time. These questions reveal:

  • What problems people have
  • What people care about
  • What people are interested in

In other words, many great content ideas.

I've begun to compile these questions into a large database, assessing relevance not only by a keyword, but also by the category on the site it was originally posted on.

QuestionDB is a way for you to search that data for any keywords you care about.

How QuestionDB Will End Your Content Ideation Frustration

As a freelance writer for many years, who typically has to suggest content ideas on a regular basis, it's usually easy to come up with the first few batches of ideas. And's the most frustrating thing. You pull out your hair for 30-60 minutes at a time, straining just to come up with a short list of ideas.

To come up with more ideas, you need new sources of inspiration. If you just use most other research tools, you get the same ideas over and over...not so useful.

QuestionDB will help you generate content ideas easily on a continuous basis, that's the beauty of it.

QuestionDB vs. Other Keyword and Content Research Tools

I'll be blunt. Most keyword research tool are designed for idiots.

Put in a keyword, and it spits out exact keywords to write content about. The same keywords that everyone else targets.

But anyone with any real SEO or marketing experience knows that there's a world of keywords beyond what Google will publicly release data for.

These keywords and topics require some thought, skill, and experience.

I built QuestionDB for SEOs and content marketers who have a clue about what they're trying to do, not for beginners (although they're welcome to use it).

It will save you a ton of time and give you some great content ideas, but it won't spoon-feed you all the way through the process.

Where does QuestionDB get its data?

I've started with Reddit, because it contains a massive amount of questions that are generally well written and "real".

But as I develop QuestionDB, I'll be expanding where I collect data to include other sources.