Uncover Your Audience's Questions

Enter in a broad keyword (e.g. "protein powder", "backlinks") to find relevant questions. Find untapped content ideas and create more useful content.

Find Ideas that Traditional Keyword Tools Miss

QuestionDB is not your typical keyword question tool. It can be be incredibly powerful and valuable for writers and marketers trying to grow a blog, but you need to use it correctly.

To get started, pick a broad keyword. For example, if you're a marketer, you might want to start with "seo" or "backlinks". If you're a nutrition writer, start with something like "keto" or "vegan".

If you choose the right keyword, that will return you a large list of questions.

From there, whether you're using the free or paid version of QuestionDB, you can dive deeper.

Come up with a list of seed keywords either from your experience or from that initial search. For example, if you're a nutrition blogger writing about the keto diet, your keyword list might look like:

  • keto dinner
  • keto diabetes
  • keto snacks
  • keto recipes
  • keto fasting

And so on...

Then search these individually on QuestionDB, and you will get a list of specific questions about these topics that you can use as content ideas for your blog.

And to help you write those topics, toggle the "source" button on so that you can click through to where the question was originally asked (and see what others answered).

How QuestionDB Works

Millions of questions have been asked on various websites over time. These questions reveal:

  • What problems people have
  • What people care about
  • What people are interested in

In other words, many great content ideas.

We find these ideas in real-time and return them to you in a convenient format.

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